New Year, New Blog

I’m starting a blog for the new year, taking on one of my bucket list items – blog every day for one month. At the end of a crazy holiday season that has seen a good amount of traveling seems like the perfect time to start typing some of my thoughts about whatever is top of mind each day from the craziness of being a father to the latest sporting events to life in general.

Today, I’m celebrating the new year at my in-law’s home in north-central Iowa. The kids are getting baths, the Oregon Ducks are beating Florida State to a pulp on TV in college football, a few snores escape from my Father-in-law as he lounges in his chair and life is good.

I’ll hit up some more in-depth topics in my upcoming posts. This post is just to say, “Hello, world. I’m starting a daily blog.” And things will get better as we go and as I learn more of what I’m doing on this electronic internet, blogosphere as I put all my thoughts “on the line.” (Yes, that’s a movie reference. Since I enjoy movies, I’ll quote them quite often.)

Oh yeah, I named the blog “Regal Dog” after our mutt (half brittany spaniel, half lab…supposedly) Sophie. She’s a crazy dog that likes to sit on the edge of the deck in our back yard and looks very regal in doing so. Well, there you have it. See you tomorrow.

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