Holiday Stuffing

It seems that every year is the same around the holidays. Visit family and friends, make an enormous meal, eat leftovers for three days, and snack on sweets and treats in between. Now I’m not complaining. I have some of the best meals of my life over the holidays. And leftovers are pretty much just as good as the first…most of the time. Some meals and snacks are tradition that we long for the rest of the year. I know I’m a sucker for Oreo Balls and only have them available during the holidays. And for my health, that’s probably a good thing!

Other than stuffing ourselves with food, we stuff our time with as much good family/friend interaction as possible – and that’s probably the best part! Not everyone lives within weekend traveling distance of their relatives. So when they do get together, that makes the time available together even more important and special.

With two brothers, I know this all too well. Throw in my parents and we live in four different locations in three different states. Getting everyone together is always a big deal, especially knowing how happy it makes my mom and dad for the 14 of us (mom, dad, brother 1, wife 1, kid 1, kid 2, brother 2, wife 2, kid 3, kid 4, Melissa, Thad, Little Ox #2 and myself) to cram into their house. It’s crazy and fun and hectic and goofy and silly and stressful and perfect all at the same time. Also, “Coffee at 8” has become a tradition for every morning we’re there. Hopefully the Red Rooster stays open so we can get the best made coffee in town every year.

Stuffing our bellies, stuffing our time and stuffing our homes. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the holidays! I hope you all enjoyed yours.

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