Gifts and Toys


Today, Thad’s sporting his new outfit that he got for Christmas. He’s a pretty happy little guy and not shy about begging for “Moe” food. With all the toys and gifts, he should be ready to play and play and play. That brings us to the old cliché – buy the kids a big present and all they want to do is play with the box.

This rang true as on multiple occasions the three little ones in this house fought over the big box, the smaller big box, the little box and then back to the big box. Sitting on the box and then pounding out a beat were the favorite play actions of the day. A few tears were even shed when the eldest ‘broke’ the little box and it could no longer be played with.

Next, we were enlightened to the single toy fight. With a mess of toys all over the floor, all three kids only wanted to play with one toy – whatever toy the other kid was holding. Speaking of the mess on the floor, we also experienced the dumping of toy from a bucket, wading through them without lifting little feet and then walking away as they ran off to the next toy. Of course, as soon as we cleaned it up and put everything back in the bucket, they’d come back over and repeat the mess-making process, never satisfied until nearly every corner of the floor was covered with toys they didn’t want to play with.

But I’m not breaking any new ground here. I’m more of a first time parent actually getting to experience what many, many other parents have experienced and known as truths for a number of years. I was just lucky enough to experience it all today.

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