Before I Turn 40…

There’s a specific “Friends” episode where Rachel is turning 30 and the cast all talks about the things they thought they’d do, accomplish, experience, etc. before they turned 30. Well, I’ve already crossed that mark in life, so I decided to look ahead to the next milestone and see what I can list that I’d like to do before I’m 40. Call it a bucket list of sorts, but focused on a singal decade of life.

For this, I’m trying to be somewhat specific. Things like “Travel” and “Be Healthy” are too general. Travel where? And do what while you’re there? Is there a specific reason to do this?Also, I’ll mention things with kids, because I have kids. I’ll also mention things I’d like to do without kids, because while they may be close to you in everyday life, they aren’t attached to your hip. You can still do things without them.

Here’s a list of things I might aim to do before I’m 40.

1.      Pay off my student loans! Because nobody likes to live in debt.

2.      Blog daily for a month. (In Progress)

3.      Visit San Francisco to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and see the ocean again.

4.      Go white water rafting.

5.      Visit 5 states I’ve never been to before and see something each state is widely known for. (The specific version of “I want to see more of the USA.”)

6.      Go to Rome to taste some REAL Cappuccino Italiano. I suppose I could see the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica while I’m there.

7.      Surf. For real. In an ocean.

8.      Camp in a tent in the woods. You know, to get in touch with nature and all that. Or maybe so I can truly appreciate my king size bed.

9.      Teach my son to play catch. This doesn’t have to be the tear-jerker “Field of Dreams” catch, but I guess I might be looking for my version of it.

10.   Take a hike in the mountains of Colorado. Yes, I’ll have to pay my brother a visit to complete this one. I hope his guest bed doesn’t feel like a tent in the woods…

There have to be more things that people who are already 30 would like to do before they turn 40. I decided to stop at 10 for right now, reflect a bit and see what I’ve got later on. After all, this isn’t a list written in stone and it will evolve as time passes. But what else could be added? I’m sure I’ll think of more the minute after I post this, but if you’ve got any ideas of cool things to do before turning 40 – specific or in general – feel free to share!

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