Thad’s Dad. The Blog That Almost Was.

When I first had the idea to do a blog was when I was looking for tips, advice, anything to help me prepare to be a father. I read a great blog post by a new father about being a dad that offered some great advice. So I thought it might be a good idea to blog my experience of becoming a father in a blog called Thad’s Dad.

Thad Sleeping(Just chillin’ in my crib with my leg up.)

Obviously, it never happened. I was pretty caught up in everything that went along with having a child, caring for him, feeding him, learning to change a diaper, trying to figure out what his crying meant this time. And it was great to be able to focus on those moments – as much as possible with how tired I was. Of course the waking up in the middle of the night passes faster than you can remember and now I have son who waves goodbye to me when he’s ready to go to bed.

We’re enjoying the positive sleeping habits while they last. We’re not sure how Little Ox #2 will affect the current situation. We know we’ll be getting up more in the middle of the night and hope that Thad doesn’t get too bothered by it. But we’re looking forward to every tired, lazy, sleepy minute of it.

This blog today might be accomplishing something I’ve wanted to do and fits the bucket list of my previous post, but if it keeps rolling into the summer I might end up accomplishing my original idea of a blog. Only this time, it would be for parenting two children and the shenanigans it brings.

On a side note: As a proof reader who offers insight, my wife is currently pointing out that I’m fairly new to this blogging thing and haven’t got it all figured out just yet. I started off with some fairly light notes and am trying work this into more of a true blog as I go…not just an online journal of my daily thoughts. Maybe by the end of this month I’ll know what I’m doing.

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