The Hunger Is Real

I’m not sure about other parents out there – actually, I’m pretty sure there are parents in the exact opposite situation – but my child is almost always hungry for a snack.

When I picked him up from daycare today he immediately walked over to me, gave me a hug, then turned and waved “Bye!” to the room he was in. But before we left, I was told he had just had a snack about 10 minutes before I got there. I’m thinking, “Perfect. No whining for a snack when we get home.” … Wrong!

"Moe? Moe?" as he begs for a cracker.

“Moe? Moe?” as he begs for a cracker.

Let me clarify, this isn’t something that’s out of control. We know the situation, we know our child and we know how to say ‘no.’ We just find this to be a funny occurance in raising our little Thad Monster.

When we give him a cracker, he walks away hollering with joy pumping his hands up and down with his prize clenched tight. (He’s learned to hold snacks close for fear of Sophie licking them or stealing them from him.) Thad will go sit in his chair and gnaw at the cracker, taking little bites here and there until it is gone.

It might take 5 minutes or 15 mintues depending on how distracted he gets by Sophie or his noise toys or books. But if he’s not satisfied, 5 minutes or less after that cracker is gone he is back to the corner by the cabinet he knows hold the snacks.

After work today, two crackers did the trick.



Yeah, that must have been a good snack! Speaking of snacks, I have a pregnant wife. I’ll get into that tomorrow.

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