Was That A Snack Or A Treat?

Melissa, my pregnant wife, taught me a lesson that everyone should know. It’s something that should be taught in grade school and used on a regular basis in everyday life. Well, maybe it’s actually not that important. But I’ve learned there is a big difference between needing a snack or needing a treat. Until the past couple of years, I didn’t know that the two were mutually exclusive. A treat is not a snack and a snack is not a treat.

When she says, “I need a snack…” I know never to suggest something sweet and not filling. When she says, “I need a treat…” I know I have the green light to suggest ice cream.

The line is drawn with sugar content or if the food to be consumed is good for you. Therefore an apple is a snack. It is good for you, so the natural sugar content doesn’t make it a treat. A brownie on the other hand is definitely a treat. It is sweet and not good for you.

You can try to think of something that would be sweet and still a snack, but the logic of this definition states otherwise.

There are also times when snacks are appropriate and treats are not. And other times when treats are perfectly acceptable, but so are snacks. Confused yet? Yeah, I was too. But I think I’ve got the hang of it now; stick to the sugar versus good for you definition.

Also, a pregnant wife always holds the trump card; you just don’t argue with it. And you don’t argue with how she makes her treats either.

Melissa needed a treat last night. Melissa used a cake pan for two cookies. Melissa enjoyed her treat. #PreggoForTheWin

Two Cookies

Two Cookies

One Cake Pan...in the oven

One Cake Pan…in the oven

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