Friday Night…As A Parent

I must say, Friday nights have changed since becoming a parent. I’ve never been one of those people that goes out mutliple nights every weekend, but things have certainly slowed down a bit when it comes to my weekends. Gone are the days of getting together with friends every weekend, going out to eat and catching a movie, or planning to do pretty much anything without first thinking about how to care for my child.

We know we can still go places and do things with a child. We know we can also get a sitter and enjoy ourselves for a night if we need to. But we also know that on an average weekend, we don’t need to do those things to have fun. We also save money by not paying for a sitter while we’re out.

Tonight, we’ve got a nice little evening planned – we rented a movie and are probably going to go to sleep as soon as it’s over. Mainly because the movie takes all our free time after Thad goes to bed at 8. We know if we don’t go to bed between 10 and 11, we’ll just end up tired the next day since we have to wake up when Thad does. And that usually happens at about 6, or 6:30 if we’re lucky, on the weekends. He must know we have nothing to do the next day because on weekdays he’ll sleep until 7:15.

We know that some people are night owls and would stay up later even if they have to get up early, but after a year now, I’ve pretty much figured out that everyone in our house will be happier the next day if we go to bed at the same time all week.

So, tonight we will enjoy our quiet evening watching a (hopefully good) movie. We won’t be paying for a sitter and our child will be sleeping in his own bed instead of his car seat wherever we could be at. And if things get crazy, I might even crack a beer. Hope everyone has a good Friday night.

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