Saturday Silliness

Everyone looks forward to the weekend for one reason or another. Some like being able to lay around all day. Others like to be able to get chores done around the house. Sometimes you get to take part in a hobby or use your free time to do what you enjoy most.

Today, I get to spend the entire day with these silly two (and Melissa):

Thad and Sophie Silly 3

While Melissa was getting groceries, I got some #thaddydaddytime. It included begging for snacks (shocker, I know), Cheerios all over the floor for Sophie to pick up, driving the toy 4-wheeler around the living room, trying to bang on Daddy’s head with his toy drumsticks and climbing on the couch. Sophie wasn’t as impressed with the couch climbing since it involved Thad invading her space and trying to hug/lay on her. But I was still able to get a couple of pictures taken before Sophie moved to the love seat to snuggle into a pile of blankets. Thad definitely keeps her on her toes.

Thad and Sophie Silly 2Thad and Sophie Silly 1

Then nap time rolls around and Mommy and Daddy have a couple of hours to get a whole bunch of chores done around the house. HA! Yeah, we actually laid around and did absolutely nothing…and it was fantastic. What can we say, Friends was on for a solid 2 hours. We’ll get to those chores later. Maybe. Depends on how silly Thad is when he wakes up. We might just end up playing with that little monster the rest of the night. The best part – we can do that if we want! See, being an adult isn’t all that bad.

Oh, one more thing that I love about Saturdays…breakfast! Even if I had to drive to the store at 8am to make it happen. Mmm…love me some banana pancakes!


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