A Case Of The Mondays

My day today started off with this amazing view from my cubicle:

"All your base or belong to us."

“All your base or belong to us.”

Yup. Blue screen of death. Luckily, it only happened twice before my computer decided to work today. Third time’s the charm, eh? Maybe I’ll see if IT can upgrade me to a new Compy 386. Okay, so fictional computers aren’t an option. That’s fine, I still got through my day.

What’s my average work day like? Well, I drafted 3 different news releases today, organized release dates for two more releases, sent out a few tweets on behalf of the company and made a company Facebook post. I also handled a media request for photos and organized a sort of our customer list. And I think everyone has to handle a few emails during their day at work, at least in an office setting.

Then something amazing happened right after lunch. There was a lunch meeting for new interns today and a couple of co-workers brought back an entire pizza! Of course I had a slice. It was just plain cheese, but who am I to turn down FREE PIZZA!?!?!? The best part, there is still half a pizza in the fridge at work. Will there be some left for me at lunch tomorrow? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.



After work, I met Melissa at the clinic for our 16 week appointment. We heard the heartbeat of Little Ox #2 and then headed home for supper. Nothing special, just some tater tot hotdish. I had thirds. What? It tasted fantastic!

As I changed into some comfy clothes I noticed the second major negative part of my day…a hole in my new pair of socks.

Hole-y Socks!

Hole-y Socks!

Now this isn’t because of toenails as my oldest brother, Trent, thought. The hole is too far away from the toes for that and I know I didn’t snag them while putting them on this morning. And Sophie didnt’ get a hold of them either as my other brother, Corey, thought. I’m going to blame this hole on the fact that these are made of bamboo and not cotton. They were a Christmas gift. Honestly, it’s kind of a bummer. They were very comfortable all day. I just didn’t know they had a one-time use limit.

As you can see, two negatives today (computer blue screen and hole in my socks) don’t really constitute a case of the Mondays. And now I’m relaxing on the couch watching the college football national championship game. All in all, a pretty good day.

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