The Devil’s In The…Vending Machine?

When this first happened at my office, I thought it was pretty handy. Just a short walk and I can satisfy my craving for pop or something sweet after lunch. But today, I know it is probably the worst thing that could have happened. Our vending machines accept credit and debit cards! Dun, Dun, DUN!!!

Credit Card Swiper

Today I got a 20oz Mtn Dew that I wouldn’t have been able to get before. Back in the day, it was no cash = no Dew. The old way would save me from myself when I didn’t really NEED something but just thought I wanted it. Now I have to battle my will power to stay away from the vending machines instead of actually needing the cash or change, or asking to borrow from co-workers. Let me tell you, needing to ask co-workers for change has actually stopped me from vending numerous times in the past. Basically, if I didn’t need to bother someone to help me out, I really didn’t need to get a TREAT from that vending machine after all. Plus, spending that extra money when you don’t really need to is a spending leak.

The other aspect is the waistline. Now I don’t count calories or pretend to be the biggest health nut out there. I know that to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn and that means you need to exercise. At a recent physical I was informed you need to get your heart rate elevated for 30 minutes to burn fat and thus lose weight. That about all I know about that. But that’s the very basics. They also let me know that my will power telling me not to eat/drink when I’m really not hungry or know something is bad for me is really what can help keep me from gaining weight. This is where the easy-access vending machine comes in and tests my will power.

Vending Central

Vending Central

The vending machine and all its glory has won the day. Tomorrow is another day. And even though I have no cash or change, I’ll still have to fight the man, plug the spending leak and strengthen my will power. Or maybe I’ll just get a Twix tomorrow. That sounds good.

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