The Glory Of Game Night

I’m a huge fan of games. Board games. Card games. Group games like Pictionary. I love ’em. I was definitely that younger brother that begged to play games with all the bigger kids and grown ups. I’m the youngest cousin on one side of my family and one of the youngest on the other side. Maybe I saw all the older kids playing the games and having fun while I had to watch because I was “too young to play.” That probably made me want to play even more and have the fun that they were having.

Whatever the reason, I love to play games. The family game was always Canasta. I’ve always thought is was a pretty easy, straight-forward card game…but then I had to try to explain it to other people. It became complex very quickly. We used to play it until the wee hours of the morning every new years eve at my grandma’s house. That tradition started with the older cousins on that side and pretty much ended when the youngest of us moved away to college. We’d play Canasta over and over, switching teams after games or sticking it out and playing best of 7. Alas, those were the good ol’ days. I haven’t played Canasta in more than a year.

Side Note: This is the same family that broke a chair or two while playing a heated game of Spoons. Of course I was too young and not playing at the time, but I was nose-over-the-table watching the action as it happened.

The new game of choice has been Phase 10. Mainly introduced after I visited Melissa at her parents house for the first time. I guess you could say it is their family game. And we’ve enjoyed many rounds of Phase 10 where someone always seems to get stuck in a grade (phase) for 5+ hands. Frustrating sometimes but always fun.

Pictionary, on the other hand, is pretty much a classic. Our family used to play it with another family, close family friends, probably once every two months – or so it seemed when I was younger. Hilarity always ensued. We busted it out and dusted it off this Christmas. Still as fun as always.

Right after Melissa and I got married, we played games quite a bit. Life. Monopoly. Clue. Scrabble. Even a kids card game called Slamwich. Speaking of kids games, I’m pretty stoked for Thad Monster to be old enough to play some games like these. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wishing the time away at all. I just know that will be a fun stage of being a dad.

There are plenty of other games I really enjoyed when I was younger like Risk, Battleship, Yahtzee, Trouble, Operation and more. I’d be glad to have a game night on a regular basis to get together with friends and have some old-fashioned fun…BYOB of course. I guess some have graduated to Poker nights, which also get a thumbs up in my book.

So what’s your favorite game? What’s a childhood game you haven’t played in a while that you want to play again sometime soon? Whatever it is, chances are I’d join you.

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