Down With The Sickness

Is there anything worse than the helpless feeling you get when you have a sick child? Thad Monster’s home sick today with a fever and runny nose. We took him to the doctor as a precaution since Influenza A seems to be running rampant this year. Thankfully the test was negative.

He’s been acting pretty normal today, playing with toys and wanting to read his books over and over and over again. I get it buddy, Clifford visited the farm…and he’ll visit the same animals no matter how many times you have me read it. But last night wasn’t as fun. Just knowing he felt miserable and we really couldn’t do anything about it. Just snuggle and sooth. You know what the medicine will do to help the fever, you know it’s viral and other medications won’t help. You just have to let it run it’s course.

That’s where feeling completely helpless comes in. You never want to see your child get sick. You know it will happen and you want to be able to help, but sometimes you just can’t do anything to make them get better faster. You get to love them and be there with them…and just wait. Luckily we only had one night of this for a couple of hours since he’s in good spirits today. But it’s still not very fun. (Of course it’s not supposed to be fun, but you get my point.)

So yes, I’ll read Clifford a few hundred more times, or Wheels on the Bus, or that snowman book he seems to not be able to put down. I’ll snuggle him all he wants to help him feel a little bit better than his body is making him feel. I’ll wipe his nose as much as I need to, which sometimes seems like every 5 minutes. I’ll do it all, knowing that tomorrow will be a better day and he’ll be feeling 100 times better than he does right now.

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