Deflating The NFL Scandal

That’s what former player/punter Chris Kluwe tries to do in his article, The Real ‘Deflategate’ Scandal Is That Anyone Cares. Now, there is part of this article that is true, the NFL has an issue with destroying the lives of their players simply by the act of playing the game. And that the concussion settlement/post-play accommodations aren’t up to par for what the players give up. Nobody is disputing that. It’s common knowledge that Kluwe doesn’t get along with the NFL and their policies. But in this article, he’s stating that nobody should care about something that is current and very relevant given the game that just happened and what the winner gets – a trip to the Super Bowl.

This article is like saying that because you have cancer, you can’t scream in pain the moment you stub your toe, step on a Lego or get a very painful paper cut. It’s saying that this issue is minor compared to other issues, so ignore it. I agree that this issue is minor compared to other issues, but that doesn’t mean it should be completely ignored. Maybe it shouldn’t be getting all the attention that it is currently getting (and that probably annoys Kluwe and many others in the world), but a correct amount of attention should be paid for a team/player/trainer/equipment manager/whoever breaking the rules of the game, no matter how minor the rule may be viewed.

Rules are rules, right? Or is it okay to break this rule but not that rule, and who gets to decide? The refs? The players? The media? The fans? For consistency and for the legitimacy of the sport, all of the rules of the sport must be followed. Again, this may be a minor rule and not deserve that much attention, but it JUST happened less than a week ago. People who are fans of the NFL are paying attention and care about it; some more than they should.

I agree, the NFL has an overall problem with player health and the battle they do on the field for the sport. But just because a different issue is currently present in the midst of a decades-long, separate issue doesn’t mean anything smaller in scale than the overall, decades-long issue should be ignored. It’s great for people like Kluwe to sound off against the NFL and their big issues, knock them for addressing current issues that could affect the biggest game in the sport that takes place next week (thus being extremely timely), but what does that really accomplish other than a jab at a non-perfect league?

Do I think the bigger issues that are ongoing should be swept under the rug? No. And that’s not what the NFL is doing here. The NFL is responding to a current issue. Should the bigger issues be brought up more frequently and actually resolved? Of course. But that doesn’t mean every other issue that pops up, is current and timely should be ignored.

We get your point, Kluwe. The story is being blown up bigger than it should be compared to other bigger issues surrounding the league. The NFL isn’t perfect. The media isn’t perfect. Nobody’s perfect. Thanks for the reminder.

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