One Book At A Time

I’ve never had this problem before. Mainly because I was never that big of a reader. But today I’m taking part in a book club with my co-workers, already started a book before Christmas and then was gifted two more books that I’m really excited to read. I’m currently halfway through our work related book (Flash of Brilliance) and almost halfway through the other book I was reading (The Shack).

Here’s the problem: I want to read them all right now. And I want to keep one book straight from the others while I’m reading. I’ve never really read two books at the same time. I usually read one and then the other and then the next one and so on. How do you do it? Maybe to others this is easy and they just read back a page or two. I find that almost frustrating having to read back to remember what’s going on.

Maybe I just need to read more on the book for fun until it’s done and then keep up with the weekly readings for the work book after that. Maybe this isn’t a problem and I should just suck it up and keep reading.

So far The Shack is getting interesting, even after the ultimately depressing start. But I’m looking forward to finding out what’s next. All with my eyes slightly focused on the book I get to read next, Sharp Objects. I’ve read two other Gillian Flynn books, Gone Girl and Dark Places, and they were pretty gripping. And I’ve read pretty much all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books – Blink, The Tipping Point, Outliers, David and Goliath. So What The Dog Saw is the logical next choice. I really like how he mixes in facts and research into a book that’s easy to read and keeps my attention.

Now that I know what I’ll be reading for the next couple of months, I’ll sign off and start reading. Later blog readers!

Time to read!

Time to read!

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One Response to One Book At A Time

  1. kelly says:

    I really enjoyed The Shack and like Malcolm Gladwell. I barely have time to read the paper in the mornings, so the book on my bedside table will be a pleasant treat. . . Someday. The fact that you are trying to read two puts you in a superhero parent catagory I will never be cool enough to be a member.

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