The Real Toy Story

If only all these toys were alive and could put themselves away at the end of the night…

Toy Corner

Toy Corner

Or if they could put themselves away as soon as the kid walks away from the pile…

Mega Bloks Mess

Mega Bloks Mess

I think of myself as a pretty organized person. My wife would laugh at me saying I actually organize my underwear drawer (and do my own laundry so I know where my clothes are). Thus we generally keep our house organized. That was until Thad started moving around. The toys go everywhere. You can pick them up at the end of the night, but the next morning that basket is tipped over, Mega Blocks are waded through and then left to their scattered existence, and the blankets and pillows are NOT allowed to stay folded and organized on the couch.

It was a learning process. We had to sort of let go of worrying about this or that being out of order for the entire evening. And I mean every evening. We try to pick it up after Thad goes to bed for the night, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Mainly because we know how long it will take to be scattered again. About .5 seconds if Thad’s on his game. (And he got game.)

It’s amazing how you revert to what you heard your parents say when you were younger. “You need to pick up your toys!” and “This place is a mess!” I think we’ve just learned that the old cliche is true – a messy house means a happy family. Or something like that. Maybe I just made it up or maybe my subconscious is remembering it from somewhere, I’m not sure. (And I’m too lazy to Google it right now to confirm.)

One old saying that I do remember correctly is “God Bless This Mess!” Indeed.

NOTE: Images in this post are Wife Approved!

Goodnight Everyone!

Goodnight Everyone!

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