The Sound. It Surrounds Me.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little behind in this, but I’ve finally hooked up surround sound on my home entertainment system. I’ve always just had a two-speaker system hooked up to my receiver, paired with my DVD player and component video connections. Yes, I’ve had the same setup since exactly the year 2000. Maybe you could say it’s time for an upgrade. Well that day had finally come!

Center Channel Speaker

Center Channel Speaker – It’s White.

In the form of two new speakers for Christmas this year. Add in the one old speaker that still worked from 2000 and I’ve got a center channel speaker with two side speakers for surround sound. Yes, I’d need two more speakers to have back channel sound, but I’m already a little excited at this upgrade after 15 years.

System Settings

System Settings

Okay. That’s what I’ve got. And it was by complete accident. I asked for new speakers to replace my old ones. Well, I found out that one of the old speakers was broken AND one of the standard outputs was broken. So I was planning on buying a new receiver or sending back the new speakers and buying a sound bar. Then my wife said, “Are you sure you need to buy something new?” Yes, she was right. I stopped and had a good think about it. Actually, I fumbled around behind the entertainment system moving wires and then fiddled with the receiver settings, then BAM! problem solved!

Saved about $150 on a receiver or sound bar and have great audio quality with what I’ve currently got at my disposal. Yes, I said that correctly in the previous paragraph, my wife was right. But that’s marriage. As soon as you think you know what you’re doing, your wife will ask a question – maybe even more than one time! – to be sure you know what you’re doing. And, of course, that changes everything.

I guess all I can say to Melissa now is…Thanks Babes! You figured this one out. Maybe next time I’ll figure it out on my own…without the prompting. Oh, who am I kidding. She’ll be right again the next time, too.

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