28 Days Later…

And the blog is still going strong! Yet, Sophie, our Regal Dog, is a little less strong today. She got her hair cut!

Freshly Cut

Freshly Cut

Here’s the explanation. She was definitely the runt of the litter. She loves to fight play, growling and barking. We’ve noticed she thinks she’s stronger when she has longer hair. Every time after she gets her hair cut she acts a little more timid and is less likely to fight play. It’s like the story of Samson who loses his power when his hair is cut in the night. Though we’re not betraying our dog…no matter how sad she looks in this picture.

"What are you looking at?"

“What are you looking at?”

The hair cut was long overdue. We didn’t want to cut her hair while it was harshly cold outside and after we called, it took a few days to get her in. But everything turned out fine and now our puppy looks different enough that Thad got confused for a minute right when Sophie got home from the groomers. It is true that she looks quite a bit different.

"Enough pictures already!"

“Enough pictures already!”

It’s also not very easy for dogs to sit still long enough for great pictures. Speaking of blurry pictures, the same thing happens when trying to take a quick picture of a hyper child…

Snacking on the move.

Snacking on the move.

I guess in his defense, he was eating a snack. And as I posted earlier this month, this kid gets riled up about his snacks.

Hope you enjoyed the movie reference in the title of this post and thanks for reading!

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