Today Threw Me The Old Curve Ball

I’m sure we’ve all had those days. You wake up, you’ve got a plan for the day, you get to work and organize your projects, and then the phone rings (curve ball). The next three hours are a whirl-wind and you haven’t even touched your day’s to-do list.

Today was that day for me. The phone rang at around 10am and by 11:30am I was hosting a local news team for a tour of our facility. Between those two times, I was soliciting help and information from co-workers to prepare for the visit as well as coordinating a couple of people to be interviewed on camera. By 12:45, the news team had everything they needed and I was heading back to my desk to try to remember what I had actually planned for the day. And *poof* three hours of my day disappeared.

I shouldn’t say they just disappeared, they were a very productive three hours as we capitalized on a great opportunity for local news coverage, but it just flew by and altered my entire day. I guess you could say I just did my job today, it was just unexpected.

I know others have mentioned days when they run from meeting to meeting for the majority of the day and at the end wonder what they’ve accomplished. It seems like they day flies by without any tangible accomplishments, but those meetings and conversations advance projects, alleviate issues or remove roadblocks to progress. Okay, that’s obviously a glass-half-full point of view. I guess I’m just in a positive mood tonight.

That positivity probably stems from seeing my day’s work on the 6pm news. (And my Tuesday’s work on the 6pm news on a different channel on the same night.) What can I say, it’s been a good – albeit busy – week for me. Hope everyone else had a good day, too. Even if you were thrown a curve ball and not everything went according to plan.

About Justin Ochsner

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