30 for 30: The Tale Of My Daily Blogging

Today marks my 30th blog post in 30 days. It’s been an interesting experience and it’s not over. I’ll have another post tomorrow to complete the goal of posting every day for one month. After that, I’m sure I’ll keep posting, but not every day. And my wife might join in as a co-author of the blog. (That’s an idea she’s had for about 6 months now.)

If I had a chance to set this goal over again, I would probably not want to post every day. I quickly ran out of ideas of what to talk about and the content of some of my posts definitely suffered as a result. Of course I had a few other topics in the back of my mind for most of the days I was blogging, so that helped. Sometimes I felt obligated or forced to spend time thinking of something to post. It was good because I came up with some good ideas but bad because if I didn’t have that idea, I struggled.

I also had a quick conversation during one of my guy’s group meetings that talked about journal writing and my blog. Initially, my first couple of posts seemed to sound almost like journal entries. I noticed that and sort of immediately tried to change it. My thoughts are that journals are more in-depth, private thoughts and personal reflections, sometimes even talking about one’s basic day-to-day activities. I, personally, don’t feel like a blog is the correct place for that. I view blogs as discussing any vast array of topics that interest people but without that private thoughts/personal reflections aspect.

I know I’m still sharing insights into my life and personal experiences. I’m hoping it’s in more of an interesting way that what I would think of as a journal. Or maybe I’m just splitting hairs on this definition, I don’t know.

This has been a great writing experience and a small insight into the world of blogging – I know I haven’t had time to put in all the necessary steps to actually make a successful blog. I’ve done this more as a hobby and just for fun. As long as it stays fun, I’ll keep blogging away.

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