Trip To The Big City

That’s right. To close out my blogging every day for one month, Melissa and I celebrated by heading to the big city – Sioux Falls! My parents are in town for the concert at the Swiftel tonight and they drove down with us to help us scour Target and Best Buy for a new TV. We’d done our research with our needs versus our budget versus our wants, so it didn’t really take too long for us to pull the trigger. Here it is in all of its glory (and packaging):

Artistic Photo Of TV Box

Artistic Photo Of TV Box

Sorry to those name brand lovers out there. We didn’t get a Samsung or a Sony. For a second TV in our basement we selected a 50″ Sharp HD LED TV (1080p, 120hz). We sort of nailed it on our price range with 120hz and a size we were both okay with. Next up, a new TV stand.

We then took a trip to Once Upon A Child where Thad received a bag full of clothes for $15. I guess they were having a sale, so we figured we’d check it out.

Once Upon A Child

While we were there, someone decided they were done with shopping for the day…

Thad Monster Tired, Thad Monster Sleep

Thad Monster Tired, Thad Monster Sleep

I’m sure I’m a little biased, but he’s pretty darn cute just sleeping away in his car seat right there. Actually, I think that’s part of a parent’s requirements. Yeah, I know I remember reading this in the handbook that came with the stork on the day Thad was delivered: “Think your child is cute above all else.” Something like that. And just for good measure, here is Thad trying to open the TV right away:

"It's taller than me!"

“It’s taller than me!”

All in all, I’d say it was a successful day. We made is safely to and from Sioux Falls, even in snowy, windy conditions on the way home. Pizza was delivered and devoured. Sophie got to jump up on the grandparents and wear herself out. The grandparents are at the concert. Melissa even got a mommy’s night out, even if it had to be in Brookings because of the bad weather spoiling the plans to hang out in Sioux Falls. And yours truly is relaxing on the couch with my feet up, enjoying a little R&R as Thad sleeps in his bed. Not too shabby. If everyone else enjoyed their day half as much as I enjoyed mine, then I enjoyed my day twice as much as you! (Yeah, sometimes I think I’m funny. I’ll try to keep that in check from here on out…)

"Please pet me Grandma!"

“Please pet me Grandma!”

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