A Trip To The Blizz Show

I went out for a crazy night on the town. Let me set the scene: It was a Friday, actually warmer than usual on this frozen tundra. I put on my Blizzard sweatshirt and Blizzard hat and set out to watch the local minor league hockey team in Brookings face off against the Aberdeen Wings – new home town versus old home town. Melissa and Thad stayed home to watch over the house (and to sleep) while Daddy was out for the night. Then things got crazy.

I made it to the game in time to watch the intro:

The Intro

The Intro

And also in time for the 2-for-1 beer special. Okay, so I had one in the first period and one in the second period and didn’t drink the entire third period. Super cray-cray, I know. The game was pretty good, until the third period started. No, not because I was out of beer, but because the score shifted from Wings up 2-1 to Wings up 6-1. Honestly, the Blizz were out playing the Wings the entire first two periods. They just fell apart down the stretch. Hmm…maybe I should have kept drinking.

A view from my seat.

A view from my seat.

A view from the beer garden.

A view from the beer garden.

Aside from the game itself, I did run into a few old friends from Aberdeen. Always nice to chat for a couple of minutes and catch up. Also met up with the local beer garden ladies to chat after the game. Melissa actually worked the beer garden for the Blizz a couple of years ago; they make some pretty good tips.

This was actually the first game I went to as a paying customer in the past two years. I was asked to help out fairly often last season either at the ticket counter or manning the goal light. Pretty exciting to sit that close to the action and be constantly looking for the puck to cross the line (completely, not just part of it).

Then, almost like Cinderella but then again not like Cinderella at all, I was at home by 10pm. Thad was already in bed and Melissa was finishing up a movie on Netflix. Let me tell you, that was a pretty crazy Dad’s night out! While not actually very crazy, it was still a little taste of life outside the house when you’ve got a 1-year-old.


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