Behind The Creative Scenes

Here’s what really goes into creating a baby gender announcement at the Ochsner household…

"I don't wanna sit still!"

“I don’t wanna sit still!”

Because we all know that 1-year-olds like to sit still for pictures. We tried anyway. But Thad got scared of the little brother shirt right from the get go and wanted nothing to do with it. There went the idea of Thad holding the shirt and looking happy. So we decided to have Melissa put the shirt on her bump and have Thad sit next to her. Still not having it. Too close to the shirt.

In the meantime, I took a picture or two of Sophie acting sad like she never gets any attention – which isn’t true.

"Umm...I'm sad."

“Umm…I’m sad.”

"For real. Play with me."

“For real. Play with me.”

Then there was the idea of using the shoes with a balloon.

Already getting hand-me-downs.

Already getting hand-me-downs.

Then there was the idea of what else can we do with this balloon now that we have it? Other than scare the dog. For some reason Sophie is terrified of balloons…and the vacuum. But I digress…and give you the balloon in the bed!

Not bad, ehh?

Not bad, ehh?

Then there was the idea of “Screw it, we’ll just post ‘It’s a Boy!’ and call it good!” But in the madness and waiting and trying and scheming, Thad sat in the middle of the floor and with his back to me and started playing. He didn’t know I had the shirt with me. I subtly let Melissa know to get her camera ready. I held up the shirt and Thad somehow instantly knew what was happening. He freaked out, lunging forward away from the shirt. We were lucky that this picture turned out to be PERFECT for an announcement to our family. See, even with the best of intentions, dumb luck turned out to be better than the actual plan.



Moral of the story, you’ll have to be persistent and roll with the punches when it comes to trying to coordinate anything with a child. I guess they say “patience is a virtue.” Crap. There I go with the clichés again…


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