Loving Warmer Weather

The sun came out and warmed up South Dakota this week. Pretty sure I was able to hang out in the driveway yesterday in shorts and a T-shirt due to the 65 degree weather. Today we even fired up the grill on the deck and made burgers for supper. But I must say, the best part of the warmer weather has been taking Thad outside to play. The kid is busy. His attention span is still short, but when he’s outside he’s running all over the place.

Here’s a pic of Thad riding his 4-wheeler along the sidewalk:



Yeah, I would have uploaded the video but it wouldn’t accept the file type. You can see the video on my Facebook post.

Props to my cousin for the hand-me-down toy that Thad loves. He rode it all over the living room before it was nice enough to take outside. He’d even stand on the seat like a little trickster. Not while it’s moving of course. It is self-propelled, not battery operated. I’m not ready to let this little man start driving yet.

Getting outside and enjoying the weather, there’s nothing better after a South Dakota winter. Even Sophie got to play in the driveway with a new tennis ball…that is sure to be brown in a few days of letting it roll down the driveway into the puddles of the gutter. After two days in a row of enjoying the sun and warmth, I’m sure we’ll head out again tomorrow and the next day and the next. Have to take advantage while you can. Someone once said, you only live once…

Side note – it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. Easy to get caught up in this and that when you’re not following a schedule with commitments to blog posts. The warm weather might not help as I’ll probably be out enjoying myself and way from my computer a little more. But I’ll aim for once a week to keep this Regal Dog rolling.

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