Thad Comes Clean

We’ve all seen those pictures. We’ve all been embarrassed as our parents show them to friends, relatives and girlfriends/boyfriends. Yes, I’m talking about the naked in the bathtub pictures from when you were a kid. Lucky for Thad Monster, he has some strategically placed bubbles.

Splish splash!

Splish splash!

And he also was pretty excited to have his picture taken as he waved at me and said, “Hi!” with the enthusiasm only a child could have for the simplest things in life.



Full disclosure, I made sure the bubbles were covering all the important parts before taking the pic. It’s a little bit less embarrassing for him later in life and also wife approved.

Most important of all, this kid loves bath time. We’ve reached the stage of parenthood where Melissa and I have to spell things back and forth so we don’t get Thad’s hopes up. I mean, heaven forbid it is 2 in the afternoon and we discuss giving him a bath and he hears the word. We’re talking about a 2-3 minute meltdown that any parent is willing to avoid if possible.

Earlier this week when I gave Thad a bath, I’m pretty sure I timed him at 10 minutes straight of using two cups – one in each hand – to pass water back and forth, pausing after every couple of pours to laugh hysterically before continuing the same process over and over again.

I’m glad he likes bath time, though. From what I hear from other parents, it’s much better than the alternative of a child despising the bathtub and throwing a fit instead of readily striping on their way to the tub and hopping right in. Sounds like it would make it much harder to keep the kids clean. Again, Thad continues to spoils us in a lot of aspects of parenthood.

That’s all for today. Tune in next time when we might further explore Thad’s ability to fix his toy car with his toy screwdriver.

Just checking the rotar...guder...thingy.

Just checking the rotar…guder…thingy.

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