Post Draft Blues

This year, I don’t have the blues because of what the Lions did in the NFL Draft; I’ve got the blues because now there’s very little in terms of significant football news until August. (Melissa stands up and cheers…) I’ll never wish my summer away, I’ll just yearn for some relevant football information for a few months. And I’m okay with that. Maybe I’ll take those few months to disconnect a little bit and reconnect with nature. Yeah, I’ll go with that.

But about the NFL Draft, the Lions did address their needs in the draft by grabbing a big offensive guard in the first round, a running back in the second round, a cornerback in the third round and a defensive tackle in the fourth round. To me, that’s a solid draft right there and I’m very happy to see what the team can do with these new players and improvements.

The team focused on building their running game and shoring up the defense after the loss of a couple big name players in Free Agency. They even drafted a fullback who will start from day one and block for the new running back. An impact player in the fifth round? I’ll take it!

In the sixth and seventh rounds, the team added depth at offensive tackle and cornerback. But the move that has me the most excited? The Lions signed running back/fullback Zach Zenner from South Dakota State University – my Alma Mater – as an undrafted free agent. The icing on the cake is that his versatility to be both a running back and a fullback has him as an early favorite to make the Lions 53 man roster. (For the non-football people out there, that means he’ll be on the team all year long with the possibility to suit up and actually play during the regular season.)

Zenner would likely be the fourth string running back behind Joique Bell (starter), Ameer Abdullah (second round draft pick this year) and Theo Riddick (third down running back). He might not play a lot, but he adds depth at the fullback position should Michael Burton (fifth round draft pick) get injured. He also adds depth at the running back position since he’s shown in his college career that he can rush for 2,000 yards in a season (3 times) and has break-away speed to make a big play (77-yard TD run versus Missouri last year).

So I’m excited about a former Jackrabbit landing on my favorite NFL team. Even more excited to know he might actually end up playing snaps for them during the regular season.

Now that I’ve bored the non-football people with my excitement over the NFL Draft and my Lions, I’ll let you know that you’ve arrived at the light at the end of the tunnel. Meaning I might not have much sports talk going on in the blog for the next few months. Just the stories about my son, my dog, my wife, my next son who will be arriving in the Ochsner home around June 24 and maybe even a blog titled, “Things My Preggo Wife Says.” Well…maybe not. She’d have to be allowed to do some editing on that one first. I’ll add it to my to-do list and keep you posted.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your day!


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