I Heard It From A Pregnant Woman

That’s right. I’m hearing a lot of interesting things from my pregnant wife these days. Most of them go something like this:

“Awww…this shirt doesn’t fit anymore. I pull it down and two seconds later I feel a draft on the bottom of my tummy.”

Then there’s the time where she sits down with a bag of chips…or Cheetos in this case:

“This is not good. I could probably polish off this entire bag right now. There’s only so much left that I either need to just commit and finish them or stop… Save me from myself.” Then hands me the bag.

Or we could go to the last pregnancy where she was eating ice cream straight from the tub and said: “I can’t stop. There are too many good bites so I just keep eating them.”

A more interesting quote came when she tried to paint her toenails:

“I just wanna paint my toenails but I can’t reach them to do it!”

Which just led her to demand a pedicure. Well, demand is a strong word, but she got a pedicure nonetheless.

I must say, she’s 39 weeks pregnant right now, so she’s allowed to complain. She’s getting winded when going up the half flight of stairs from our garage to our main floor in our split-level home. But that doesn’t stop her from standing on stools to dust the blinds on the windows, it just gives her that extra reason to complain. Again, totally allowed.

She even sent me a link from another blog about what you should say to a 9 month pregnant woman. (Spoiler: the underlying theme is just to offer them some cake.) But it does make some great, albeit funny, points about what it might be like to be that far along in pregnancy.

As for me, I’ve definitely said a couple of those things. And even more so now that I’ve read the article, sometimes jokingly and other times dead serious. But I should probably stop yammering on at this point before I say something that’s not on the list…or get in trouble for sharing the funny things Melissa has said in the past couple of weeks.


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