Oh, hey there. I’m Justin. I work in a marketing department as a writer and public relations person. As a writer, I hate grammatical mistakes, so if I make one please call me out on it. I’d rather correct it than be mocked for it. Okay, you can mock me for it, but I’ll still correct it.

I created this blog for fun. I don’t have a set topic tree for my posts. They’ll range from family and kids to sports to grammar stuff to whatever else is on my mind that day. Oh, and I’ll write about my regal dog, Sophie. We call her a regal dog because of the way she positions herself on our deck and watches over the yard; almost posed as if she’s looking hard at something or knows she has a big job to protect the house.

I’m in my thirties and trying to accomplish something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, keep a blog and post every day for a month. I’m already finding out that there’s not always something worthy to write about each day, but I’ll try to put something meaningful out there each day anyway. If you like it, please give me a follow or let me know in the comments section of my posts. If it’s not your style, no worries. I’ll just go cry in a corner since not everyone in the world likes me. (kidding)

There you have it, my “About” section for the Regal Dog blog.


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